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Beverage Containers

These include ANY container that originally contained a beverage regardless of the material it is made from. (large and small), milk containers (plastic and paper), glass (clear and coloured), aluminum, tin, paper and plastic. 


All colours of glass bottles and jars can be recycled. You can leave labels on, but please remove the lids. Also, rinse if necessary. Please do not recycle light bulbs, mirrors, porcelain, ceramic or Pyrex materials. Such material will contaminate whole truckloads of glass and prevent them from being recycled. If these materials make it into our bins, we will lose our credibility with those who accept our material, which will prevent us from recycling glass in the future. If you have a large amount of glass, it would help us a great deal if you could separate it into a plastic bag in your recycling bin.

Metal & Plastics

All aluminum and tin cans can be recycled. They should be rinsed and CAN be crushed to make more room. It would be VERY helpful if you could separate your tin cans into a plastic bag (with all the lids) and place the bag in the appropriate bin. The plastics we can recycle are #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6 and #7 (not styrofoam). The numbers are found on the bottom of the container (usually) within the recycling arrows.


  1. Newsprint is anything made of newspaper or that comes in the newspaper. All newsprint is placed in one plastic bag for pick-up.
  2. Cardboard is material that is corrugated like pizza boxes (without food contamination) and large brown packaging boxes. Please break down all cardboard into manageable 3 foot squares and place them under your bins for pick-up.
  3. Mixed Paper is all of your remaining paper. This includes boxboard (Cereal boxes, Kleenex boxes and many other non-corrugated boxes), office paper, paper egg cartons, glossy paper, toilet paper rolls, magazines, phone books, etc. Mixed paper is placed in one bin.
  4. Shredded paper must be bagged and placed on top of the mixed paper bin.

Please remember to remove any plastic on paper products (plastic in Kleenex boxes, etc.). It doesn't take much contaminated plastic to ruin a whole ton of paper!